Best pc build guide with AMD 5 5600G Around 65K BDT

Best Pc Build Guide

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From today’s post you can make a Best pc build guide with worth 65 thousand BDT Taka. Those who have a budget of 65 thousand BDT Taka can buy all these equipment or computer parts. Today’s computer build a has an excellent computer case. This total computer build will have a 22 inch Samsung monitor.

Let start with Best pc build guide

The processor best pc build guide is on of the important stuff that I will talk about today is Ryzen 5 5600G. This processor has 6 cores and 12 threads. The AMD Ryzen five 5600G Processor with Radeon Graphics is constructed in intelligence providing 6 processor cores, 12 threads, and an astonishingly green 45-65W TDP. In this processor, It stands with 3.9GHz Base Clock, 4.4GHz Max Boost Clock, 3MB L2 Cache, 16MB L3 Cache with AM4 Package and TSMC 7nm FinFET CMOS. This Processor price : 17000BDT

Best pc build guide
Ryzen 5 5600G


Best pc Build Guide parts for gaming

Best pc build guide using this year, the current generation will learn graphic design work or do freelancing, and can play games together. Since the increase in the price of graphics cards, this processor has been in high demand. Many people are not able to buy graphics card and are working with this processor for now. But now the price of graphics card has reduced a bit, if you want you can make a computer with graphics card. If you have a market above 70 or 75 thousand taka , you can make a computer with graphics card. In my last post I discussed a computer with graphics card for just 70 thousand Taka best pc build guide for you. You can read it if you want


Best pc build guide


Motherboard :- MSI A520M PRO-VH: It’s a good motherboard but you can add better motherboards to your build if you want Since it is a best pc build guide within 65 thousand Taka . This is why this motherboard is being used.  A good motherboard is the most important factor in determining a gaming PC or a working PC. It is the central component that unites all the parts of the computer. One can manage with all the tools thus being able to work at the full or full potential of the work. There are many types of motherboards available in the market from China and we will always try to buy a motherboard of the brand. And if it is out of purchasing power then China has several products including Esonic. This Mother board price : 7800 BDT |



Best pc build guide


AITC KINGSMAN RGB DDR4 8GB 3200MHZ DESKTOP RAM:  Two Rams are being used here. You can use one Ram if you want. Two Ram ie 8 * 8 = 16GB.  Hopefully you will get better performance and lifetime guarantee. So very nice two rams. Ram performs the daily tasks of our computer, anything from running internet browsers to playing games, opening various documents, everything is managed by it. When you give a task to the computer, when you switch to another task, everything will be read and saved exactly as it is in the memory. If you are a game fanatic or if you are doing design work or trying to increase the speed of the computer, you will need to update the RAM. This Ram  price : 7000 BDT |



Best pc build guide
kings man 256gb SSD


Apacer M.2 PCle Gen3 *4 250 GB SSD: Speaking of SSD, if a computer does not have an SSD, it is certain that the computer will not perform well today. SSD will increase the speed of your computer by transferring data very quickly and providing high bandwidth. Faster means SSD. In today’s business world where fast data transfer is very important, when the operating system requires a lot of DATA access, SSD helps to run those programs. This SSD price : 3500 BDT |


Best pc build guide
Gigabyte P550B 550W 80 Plus


Power Supply Corsair CV Series CV 450 : Now full best pc build guide important  thing is Power supply is one of the most important components of the conventional term computer which is considered as an important part of the desktop. A computer’s main job is to supply power to the entire system.

Cheap power supply computer will be used as the risk will be on all parts of the computer such as motherboard, graphics card. So at the beginning, you have to think about buying a good power supply so that you don’t need to change it later, even if something is added to the computer in the future, if you know the power supply, it can be used.  This Power Supply price : 2700 BDT |


Best pc build guide


AK 400 CPU White Cooler:  Computer hardware generates a lot of heat for demanding tasks. Overheating can impair performance. So an ideal computer build should have several cooler systems in your system to keep all the components cool enough.
Excessive heat can slow down your system. If the temperature of your CPU is too high then these problems arise. For that, sometimes a post is given under the processor, which is called cooling paste. If you use it, the processor is cold. So the use of coolers to accommodate all these things is immense. This cooler price : 2500 BDT |


RardDisk (Optional): If you wanna play big size game you have to buy Rarddisk. Using only SSD you can’t store the number of amount games. We know each and every single game has huge size for this we can storage the files in one SSD 250GB. You can buy SSD more but your budget will high this the technique that SSD for fast computer and HDD for storage.
Most hard drives have a number of blocks, such as aluminum or ceramic circular ones. In that direction, every command in the house and computer is read and written. Thus, various types of trucks record information and store it for a long time. The motor generates 15000 revolutions and records data by rotating the platters This HDD price : 3800 BDT


Samsung 22inch T34F 54.6CM: Full best pc build guide an important part of any PC is a monitor, usually it is a part that can be updated at any time. A good quality monitor is a pleasure to use. I always prefer to choose a monitor that is less eye strain when working on it for a long time. A good monitor will be comfortable for the eyes while typing and will not float in front of the eyes like blurry images or shadows. No matter how good the monitor is, a good quality pair of glasses should be used if you want to work for long periods of time . This Monitor price : 15.300 BDT


Best pc build guide
Case: DeepCool MATREXX 40


Case: DeepCool MATREXX 40 : The thing is this case has no free RGB cooler.  But this case has advantage. The font size design with mash it can flow air easily in that case your PC will all time cool. There are several reasons for using a computer case cabinet, it protects the components inside the computer and protects it from other dusty creatures or liquids. It is known as a computer hard. Encloses all the components of the computer and keeps it away from the outside environment.

Another big reason to use a PC casing is to keep the temperature cool. If there is no air flow on the computer parts, the computer will become very fast and will disrupt the work. A computer cache should be used that can easily flow air from the outside. If the front is covered with glass or plastic, it will cause the computer to heat up. This Casae price : 2700 BDT

Total: 17000+7800+7000+3500+2500+3800+15300+2700=



Best pc build guide Budget is 59600TAKA


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Conclusion: After discussing all these things, we came to know that even if it is not fully 65 thousand taka, we can do one. Some people may not like some things, some may like less, it depends on you. Here a budget has been kept higher because after today those who may be before this post, after two months this budget may increase, so I have mentioned 65000 taka for this. Anyway, I hope this post is useful for you. If it is useful, please stay with us and if you need any help from our website, So this this full best pc build guide   please contact us. stay

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